Coming in Hot

Need heating repair in Tulsa? Our certified technicians know how to bring the heat. Just give us a call, and we'll be coming in hot to get your heater back up and running in no time. We promise smooth, fast service any time you call. Our expert techs are always available and ready to troubleshoot your issue, find the best solution, and get your heater fixed so you can have an efficiently functioning unit in your home. We’re all about energy savings and keeping your home comfortable for your family.

 Whether replacing an outdated or broken heating system, Darrough Heat and Air is the company for the job. We give you pricing upfront, respect your home, and don’t call a job finished until you are satisfied.

Our Heating Services

  • Heater Installation

  • Heater Replacement

  • Heater Repair

  • Heater Maintenance

Heat Pump

Heat pump failure? If your heat pump is blowing out cold air, there could be an issue with your valve, refrigerant, compressor, or a number of other problems. The best way to find the problem is to have an expert inspect your unit - this will save you time and money by not replacing parts that don’t need replacing. We can identify the issue immediately and repair your heat pump or suggest a replacement heater if that option is more cost efficient.

Common Heat Pump Issues

  • Insufficient heat production

  • Unusual noise coming from heat pump

  • Heat pump will not turn on

  • No air is being produced

  • Leaking refrigerant


Furnace failure? We won’t leave you out in the cold. From air filter replacements to new installations, we will do it all. Call us out to inspect it.

Common Furnace Issues

  • Furnace is not producing heat

  • Furnace is running constantly

  • Furnace is very loud

  • Pilot light is out

  • Blower motor is out

  • Filter is old

  • Cracked heat exchange

Need maintenance?

We suggest regular heat pump and furnace maintenance to help you get the full life from your heater and avoid costly repairs in between. All units require routine tune-ups to function efficiently.